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It's been some time since Pokemon got a new type added in, but perhaps it's for the better here; it might take getting used to, but the Fairy Type has actually balanced a fair chunk of the playing field, including the formerly 'weakness-immune' Spiritomb and Sableye! Because of that, there's a new chart to look to, and that's what this link is for!

What with it being a new type, a lot of pokemon had their type-sets shifted however, and those pokemon are the following;







Mime Jr.

Mr. Mime















Other Fairy Type Pokemon include:











In addition, Eevee now has a Fairy Type evolution known as 'Sylveon'!

Sylveon evolutions will be determined by an RNG result. For each week a player has their eevee, they boost the chances of it evolving into Sylveon by 10%, on an already existing 15% chance. (So a starter Eevee would only have 15% shot at evolving into a Sylveon, but if the trainer had it for a week, then it would have a 25% chance, two weeks 35%, three 45%, and etc etc.)

Basically, the player will send the Mods a note asking if their Eevee can evolve into Sylveon. If it rolls 'yes', then congrats! If not, then you'll have to wait another week before trying again--that's the way it rolls.

Worth noting however, that the eevee from the Game Corner already have a 50% chance of evolving into Sylveon! Wow!

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Opening for the first time in Unova, the Pokeathalon Building has at last been unveiled upon the docks south of Driftveil, hosting a variety of events within the enormous dome-like arena. Featuring numerous specialized rooms for training and competition, the Pokeathalon may lack the official status given with Contests and Gym Challenges, but it's well worth the visit! Aside from the events offered to 'pokeathletes' in the form of various physical challenges, a number of specialized move tutors have also gathered here, who will gladly teach certain pokemon powerful techniques only they can achieve. Also available are the ApriJuices, which seem to hold no effect for athletes in the dome, but may just come in handy for contests...

Though the competitions are held every day, competitors are barred from entering more than once every two weeks for the fist three levels of competition, and a full month for the final levels; pokemon need time to recover after all, and such things can be more taxing on the body than even a pokemon battle!

ApriJuice )

Move Tutors )

The PokeAthalon )

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 You've done it. You've climbed through Victory Road, and you've beaten not only the Elite Four, but the Champion themselves!

Or at least, you have if you're here.

Here in the Hall of Fame, the trainers and the Pokemon who fought with them in these battles are immortalized, their names and stats accessible for all to see! Typically these pokemon have reached the peak of their power, but there have been rare exceptions in the past.

Currently, the Champion of Unova is Trainer Iris of Opelucid, and it's not likely she'll be stepping down for some time. Trainers who defeat her get to share the title however.

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 Welcome welcome, to the land of Dreams; though it's assuredly less 'fantastical' than one would think.

The Dreamworld is a realm which sits parallel to the Pokemon World, to such a frail extent that it's more or less a 'ghost' of the physical plane. Recent technology has breached the barrier between these realms with considerable success . In fact, it's even possible to purchase a personal island home in the Dreamworld for a small fee!

Houses in the Dreamworld can be upgraded in appearance and size, or simply furnished with purchases from the Berry Market. The Dreamworld itself however, can only be accessed by way of a Dream Mist Orb. There are three ways to purchase such an orb:

For those in the Berry Trade, a Dream Mist Orb can be purchased from the Market for 150 Cherri, Oran, and Sitrus Berries.

Those wishing to use cash in the meantime can purchase them from Striaton's Dream Research Facility, for 28,000P

Lastly, it's possible to buy these orbs using 4000 Game Corner Coins from Nimbasa.

But what does the Orb do? It's basically a portable gateway. No matter where you are in Unova, you can use the Orb to create a temporary doorway between your location and your home in the Dream World. The gate will hold this signal even while closed, making it easy to go back and forth between the realms.

The Dreamworld housing also comes pre-furnished; as a one bedroom home, it comes with the basic needs of a small kitchen and washroom, as well as a corkboard, and even a berry garden!

Residents of the Dreamworld must be warned however, that spending too long within the realms has resulted in some odd dreams... Additionally, walking or sailing off the edge of the island is very ill advised, as those who do so often find themselves briefly locked in the dreams of another person, trapped until that person wakes up!

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Spanning between Route 4 and Nimbasa City, a tunnel of glass and metal will meet your gaze, and it's not the same as last time-

Welcome to Join Avenue! Replacing the standard Gate Check that once stood here is an enormous plaza spanning end to end, with cheerful assistants greeting you at the door. Join Avenue is home to a small number of unique stores with wares that simply aren't offered anywhere else in Unova, and acts as a place for people to come in and meet others. The center of Join Avenue of course is the route; caravans come and go beneath a huge glass roof, and at the sides are walkways and the stores themselves. What are those stores?

Assistants Ryo and Rio will be glad to help!

Raffle Stand )

Market )

Nursery )

Cafe )

Mining Game )

Garden Center )

Yuuma's Dojo )
Spa and Beauty Salon )
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An offshoot of the Treehollow Market, the Breeder's Market cropped up when a small family on the bridge began to sell wares of furnishings made specifically for pokemon use, as well as the same dolls found in the Treehollow. The prices don't seem like much, but they're actually quite steep- all the berries accepted for trade take about a week to grow, and more importantly, aren't available for purchase from Mistralton's Berry Orchard!

Nonetheless, it's well worth the price, and often times the family's daughter sells spare berries on the side.

Berries )

Crystals )

Ornaments )

Tents )

Other )

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There's a lot of berries in Unova- a LOT. With that in mind, here's a guide which shows how quickly a berry will grow, and how many berries will be available on the plant when it's fully grown. It'll likely clear up a lot of confusion over the Berry Market pricing too!

You'll notice that numbers 60-64 can't be purchased from Mistralton however- which would normally mean you couldn't grow them either! However that's not at all the case; those who participate in Contests at Nimbasa can ask for any berry as their prize- these ones are included!Read more... )


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You know what's great? Stuffed toys.

Know what's better?

Giant Pokemon shaped ones!

There's over 600 pokemon, but only 95 Dolls to collect at this current moment (supposedly)- Some are lifesize. Some, needless to say, are not.

Nonetheless you can find dolls in a few different places! For the most part, you can order them from the Village Bridge Breeder's Market, or purchase them directly from the White Treehollow's bottom floor. A few others may only be available elsewhere however, so they have their own separate category.

At any rate, many of these were actually hand-stitched! Incredible! So don't be surprised if some of them seem more pricey than others, Tina has to pay for all that fabric somehow after all!

Dolls )

Anville Rarities )

Gift Dolls )
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Built into an enormous hollowed tree which stands to the North-West end of White Forest, the White Tree Hollow is home to a daily trade of all sorts of unique and finely crafted furniture and dolls, just waiting to be added into your home. Founded by a rather prolific businessman from Black City, the trade has overall caught on with considerable interest (though the number of women store owners is curiously high...)! There's a catch however-

They only take berries as currency.

This is the Treehollow Berry Market, and in addition to sellers of furnishings and toys, there's a young tradesman willing to upgrade either the appearance of a Dream Home, or even adapt such options to the appearance of Caravans! ...For a cost, at least.

There are many stalls here, each taking a certain level underneath the tree; the doll's floor, curiously enough, is both the largest, and the deepest of them, so have fun listening to the elevator music while you wait to get there- there's a reason they have their own page, and it's not just because other stores sell them.

Got a question? A problem? Ask here, and your brilliant CEO shall answer.

Bedding and Cushions )

Seating )

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Welcome to the world of Berry Growing, friend! Started up somewhat recently in White Forest, the berry trade exploded with action when the trades of the Forest began expanding into furnishings compatible with 'Dream Housing'. Able to be used in literally any housing situation- Dream World, Real World, or even Caravan, the White Forest is not the only place which sells such wares by this time. The people of Anville often manage to get their hands on particularly rare dolls which would otherwise be unavailable to the public, whereas the Village Bridge has its own market, in the form of toys and furnishings meant for the pokemon areas of Caravans.

Getting what you want from the market can be a bit of a pain however; after buying so many berries from Mistralton, it seems as though it's more money than is worth.

And that, friend, is where Berry Planting comes in.

The Basics of Berry Growth

There are three ways to go about planting berries. The first, and most obvious, is to use the garden provided with the Dream Home, which has enough room for numerous bushes and trees. The second is available only to Caravan owners; Caravans with a standard pokemon towing system actually have the seat backed by a planter, whereas Caravans with engines have a planter behind them with a bonus lighting system above. Gold Caravans even have a bonus planter up on their balcony!

The third way is the most tedious, and meant for those on the go; with Berry pots, smaller plants can be grown and carried around. The limit for carrying pots however is four; not quite as spacious as the six-plant garden available at the start in a Dream Home, or Caravan planter. Heck, both of these can eventually have twelve! Then again, most interested in the berry market have one or the other in the end.

When a berry is planted, it takes a certain number of days to grow and fruit; some take only one day. Others take four! Either way, they always offer a certain number of berries, which can then be stored away or replanted. A full listing of how long the plants take to grow, and how many berries are dropped, can be found right here on the Berry Listing page!

As for what's offered, look no further- Pick a category you wish to browse, and scroll as you will. Note that Dolls are typically available at both the Berry Market and the Village Bridge Breeder's Market; this is because Dolls are typically used both by humans and pokemon, as well as the sheer number of stock available. Certain Dolls aren't available at either of these Markets however; instead, they're either found through certain events in Unova, or available for purchase elsewhere.


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If the bicycle is the Trainer's greatest ride, the caravan is the Breeder's; unlike the bike, the Caravan's purpose is to provide shelter for the Breeder and their pokemon, at the cost of speed. The advantage to this is that the risk of entering a new area 'underleveled' decreases considerably, as well as the fact that those who spend more time in an area will typically encounter rarer pokemon. Of course, Breeders aren't the only ones with the ability to purchase a caravan- but nonetheless.

Caravans come in three basic models, following which numerous add-ons and upgrades can be made to improve the living experience within one. Some of these upgrades are near necessities; the 'fold-in' kitchen is almost essential for the two bed Caravan after all, which lacks what the other Caravans have. Others are more minor, and entirely aesthetic, such as furniture changes or colour schemes.

Many such aesthetic options are available at the Berry Market; however most additions and upgrades for Caravans are sold commercially, either shipped from Anville to the proper location (which typically requires a fee of 5000P... Conveniently covered by the Breeder's Discount), or directly from Nimbasa.

Basic Caravans )

Caravan Upgrades )

Additions )
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So you want to be a Breeder do you?

No doubt you've come here from the Entralink page- if not, you should probably check it out to see what you'll get to start off. Otherwise, read on! Being a Breeder is quite different from simply training Pokemon; Breeders aren't expected to fight battles, at least not outside of the Little Cup. Though many will keep a few stronger pokemon around for protection and Breeding purposes, they're largely known for gathering large crowds of younger ones. In fact, for each Ribbon a breeder has, they can carry two extra pokemon with them. This is considered a Passive Grant; which means that collecting five 'Basic' Ribbons would allow for ten pokemon! (Though make sure you can handle that!)

The links below will lead to useful points for Breeders. Some link to points on this very page; others however, have their own pages, such as the Berry Market. They're all well worth the read through, so be sure to check them all out!

Breeding Basics )

Contests )
So overall? It's possible to have three ribbons per rank; one for Appeals, one for Beauty, and one for Little Cup, but continuing that trend through the remaining ranks is notoriously difficult; more importantly, after a ribbon has been won, that particular category cannot be entered in at the won rank again!

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 You've opened your eyes and found your strange little partner, but in the end it's not likely you know quite what's going on right now. Maybe you were found by Iris- maybe not, but either way as the new comers in the Entralink explore they'll find themselves at a strange spiraling tree, and a small house not far from it.

This is the Entralink, and it is here that you'll find your  guide to starting off, among things. You have a starting pokemon, but that doesn't mean you've got all you need after all! Most likely players will run into Iris of Mistralton before finding Yuuma, but occasionally it may be the other way around- their explanation to you, either way, is thus:

'Welcome to Unova! You must be pretty confused huh? We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately it's just beyond our control! You've been called here- summoned by the pokemon Arceus- to help with events that are due to come in a short time. How or why that is, we don't know- but Arceus always has a good reason.

'This is a land of Pokemon, creatures which live in harmony with humans, in all shapes and sizes. Some choose to fight with them. Some choose to raise them- and others still simply enjoy their life with their partner and captured pokemon at their side. If you don't know how to catch them, that's okay! Most people who come here don't! That's what we're here for! Just listen up and listen well- you'll do fine, guarantee it! We were in the same spot you were once, after all!'

Iris and Yuuma will explain anything that needs to be explained, as long as its within their power- how do badges and ribbons work, how are pokemon caught... There's a lot of questions!

Many of them are answered on their respective pages. However questions that don't have an answer at all can be asked either here, or on the FAQ page- and the answer will quite likely be logged away on this page right here!

Ah, but that isn't the point after all right? You've woken up with a pokemon, but what else is there for you? Surely they're not simply going to send you out and wish you luck! You're absolutely right, actually- they won't.

The Basics )

Trainers and Breeders )

Quick Links )
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Unova is big- there's a large number of cities and towns, and even a few smaller, out of town locations just as worthy of note. Finding pokemon is one thing- you can find that information on the Travel info page here. Knowing what supplies a store sells is also good, but that's for the Shops page. This page is all about the town itself- though for bonus measure, there's a note on just what 'human' stock is typically available too. Those particular wares switch around so often that they won't be listed on the shopping page.

As for the badges? Each one triggers a response from the Entralink, allowing instant teleportation to certain sites. However, these same badges trigger very specific responses from the badge-check of the Pokemon League; you won't be able to pass if four of your badges are the two basic badges plus the toxic and trio! You'll have to choose one Basic, and either Trio or Toxic instead! Of course, for each challenge on Badges or similar, you'll need to ask for Mod approval- but that's expected isn't it?

For ease of navigation, take a look at the map below! Each city, town, or notable point of interest is linked underneath it; simply click which one you're curious about, and scroll!

Entralink )

Aspertia City )
Flocessy Town )

Viribank City )

PokeStar Studios )

Anville Town )

Nuvema Town )

Accumula Town )

Striaton City )

Nacrene City )

Liberty Island )

Castelia City )
Mistralton City )

Lentimas Town )

Lacunosa Town )

Undella Town )

Marine Tube )

Humilau City )

Shopping Mall 9 )

 Opelucid City )

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 A recent addition to the game, Hidden Grottos are exactly what they sound like; small spaces hidden back between the trees on certain routes. It doesn't entirely matter which grotto you find; no matter what, they always contain one of two things:

An egg, which contains one random starter pokemon from the first to sixth generation...

Or an object from home! That's right- occasionally a Grotto will pick up on a small item hidden away at home instead; this could be anything really- a small treasured trinket, an article of clothing... However anything that gives power will be powered down just like all of those pulled into Unova- additionally, nothing that comes from the grotto, other than the eggs, may be sold!

A Grotto can be visted as often as you like, but they won't always have something inside! After an item is claimed from a grotto, you need to wait at least three months before finding anything else in there!

Flocessy Ranch * Route 18 * Route 2 * Route 3 * Pinwheel Forest * Route 5 * Lostlorn Forest
Route 6 * Route 7 * Abundant Shrine * Route 13 * Route 9 * Route 22 * Giant Chasm * Route 23
However we can't all just handwave this sort of thing; when the time comes that you wish to unlock a Grotto's interesting power's, leave a comment here, stating what you'll be getting from the grotto. That way we can keep track of everything, or, in the case of a particularly special item, make sure the power cap is set properly.